Find. Film. Win.


First‐of‐its‐kind video scavenger hunt taking 200+ intrepid explorers on a challenging day‐long adventure through Durham — North Carolina’s vibrant city center.

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Clues lead to locations linked to our city’s past and present.

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Video clips are shot with smartphones at each landmark, to delight judges and earn points.

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Grand Champions walk away with a really big prize, bragging rights, and a very Durham trophy; other teams get lots‐o‐locally sourced prizes, too.

The Hunt is a most fun fundraiser for the Southern Documentary Fund, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) arts organization that cultivates documentaries made in or about the American South. Inspired by our core belief that documentaries have the power to change lives, SDF serves as a leading advocate for powerful Southern storytelling, providing filmmakers with professional support, fiscal sponsorship, and creative community.

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